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Dr. Li's TCM Clinic October 2023: Why Athletes Should Book A Massage Now!

It is probably not surprising that massage can be beneficial for athletes. Those of us that ask a lot from our physical bodies on a regular basis can benefit from practices, like massage therapy, that support our bodies in staying healthy and performing at their highest level. In this post, we dug a little deeper and explored two crucial reasons why massage is beneficial for athletes that you might not have thought of or expected.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to be a top athlete to profit from these benefits. So, if the following problems concern you too, call us and book your next appointment now!

Massage can alleviate breathing pattern disorders
 Athletes need to breathe well to perform well. In almost any sport you do, breath is important. Being able to take deep, full breaths helps to regulate your heart rate and ensures your muscles are getting regular surges of fresh oxygen. Some people, athletes included, experience what is known as breathing pattern disorders, shallow and rapid breath patterns that only utilize the muscles in the upper body, rather than the diaphragm and intercostal muscles involved in normal breathing. Massage can actually help athletes breathe deeper and alleviate breathing pattern disorders. Massage helps lengthen and relax the muscles which helps to improve blood flow and oxygen delivery throughout the body. 

Massage can improve posture and form
 Having correct form is very important for athletes of all kinds. Our bodies sometimes get into habits of poor posture and form due to physical stress. When stressed, the body therefore will naturally modify its posture to reduce stress in the area that’s hurting and distribute that pain to other areas of the body. A slightly altered posture can then lead to pain and imbalance in the body that can affect an athlete’s performance and make him or her more vulnerable to injury.
Massage therapy can help reduce stress in the body, allowing it to return to its normal shape. Massage softens the muscles, allowing them to relax enough for the bones to move back into their normal structure. Massage can also target specific muscle groups in order to release tightness in the body that might be preventing you from moving in the most optimal way.

If these two benefits have somehow still not convinced you yet to book a massage treatment, here are three more fun facts about massages, that you may need to take into consideration as well:

1.  Pets can benefit from massages too
Like humans, our pets respond in a positive way to massage therapy.  Massaging our pets can help alleviate pain, reduce stress and encourage an all over sense of well-being for our animals.  

2.  A one hour massage is equal to 7-8 hour sleep.
Studies have shown that a one hour massage equates to about 7-8 hours’ sleep for your body. So, if you are feeling run down and exhausted, perhaps your body is just begging you for a massage?

3.  Yes, we do legs!
Have you ever wondered if there was any other areas of the body you could have treated other than your back and neck? Although, those are likely the most common areas that people get massages for, massage therapist can work practically anywhere you have muscle.  Legs, feet, arms, hands, scalp, jaw and face or glutes are all areas you could work on at your next visit.

Even if the topic of this newsletter is aimed at athletes, we believe that everyone can benefit from a massage! So, whether you're a professional athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or rather someone who prefers to watch sports from the comfort of their couch, consider pampering yourself by scheduling your next appointment with us today. 

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